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Media and information literacy curriculum for teachers

02-03-2012 10:27:49 Publication
Media and information literacy curriculum for teachers

This Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers is an important resource for Member States in their continuing work towards achieving the objectives of the Grünwald Declaration (1982), the Alexandria Declaration (2005) and the UNESCO Paris Agenda (2007) – all related to MIL.


It is pioneering for two reasons. First, it is forward looking, drawing on present trends toward the convergence of radio, television, Internet, newspapers, books, digital archives and libraries into one platform – thereby, for the first time, presenting MIL in a holistic manner. Second, it is specifically designed with teachers in mind and for integration into the formal teacher education system, thus launching a catalytic process which should reach and build capacities of millions of young people.


UNESCO has left no stone unturned in ensuring that a systematic and comprehensive approach be employed in the preparation of this MIL Curriculum for Teachers. The process included drafting, reviewing and validating by experts from a wide range of domains such as media, information, ICTs, education, and curriculum development.


This publication is divided into two parts. Part 1 provides the MIL Curriculum and Competency Framework, which gives an overview of the curriculum rationale, design and main themes. It is complementary to the UNESCO ICTs Competency Framework for Teachers (2008). Part 2 includes the detailed Core and Non-Core Modules of the curriculum. The MIL Curriculum for Teachers will be translated into Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and, eventually, other languages.


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